… want to know what trouble means for a distributed project ?

“The project was complex-the USS Monitor had 47 different patentable inventions on board at launch. (Think you have integration problems?) When the pieces arrived at the shipyard from the foundries, they fit together poorly and much retrofitting had to be done. This affected the schedule and standards of quality. Thus, there was a rushed final integration effort and a couple of trial run retrofits. Although the ship's first battle in 1862 against the larger but less maneuverable ironclad CSS Virginia was successful (both sides declared victory-and wooden warships became a thing of the past), the USS Monitor sank a few months later on New Year's Eve while under tow in rough seas.”

Quote from a must-read
Distributed Development Lessons Learned, ACM Queue vol. 1, no. 9 – December/January 2003-2004 by Michael Turnlund, Cisco Systems.

I have only recently descovered ACM Queue (via Miguel) and think that's a great resource. I have also found out that a new free, limited account is available on ACM Digital Library ? It's nicely complementing my IEEE Computer subscription (altough I never have to the time to read everything I want to, it's a warm, nice, fuzzy feeling to know that more and more articles are available :) ).