Two of the Eclipse books to appear in 2004

Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel, both from Instantiations (the company which is developing and distributing SWT-Designer and Codepro, two very good payware Eclipse plugins) are preparing the book “Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plugins”, which should be published by Addison Wesley in 2Q 2004. Draft chapters are available at

Eclipse powered is a site by Ed Burnette, co-author of Eclipse in action at Manning. The new book will be targeted at building application architectured around RCP (Rich Client Platform). Unfortunately, the project is currently on hold (no reference about it on Manning either !), but the site has a nice, albeit short, collection of links to RCP resources. There also is an associated Sourceforge project with 4 example plugins, nothing very “rich-client” yet. Hope that's going to be published this year, because RCP is a very hot topic. Next week, I'll have my first RCP assignment – an integration feasibility study to establish whether we're going to use RCP as an alternative container for the supply chain&procurement modules of an ERP targeted to agro-industrial customers (the current container is a simple collection of tabs and a menu). It's going to be a fun week :)