This rocks : Bugzilla plugin for Eclipse !

This evening, I was searching for something completely unrelated. In the lines of how to use Eclipse CVS library (ccvs.core) in a standalone “eclipse-less” context (is this possible, by the way ?). Stumbled upon this interesting project called Hipikat, from the Software Practices Lab of University of British Columbia, CA, Computer Science department, of course.

I would have downloaded it and put it in my fat “to_see_later” folder (which is growing and growing and growing), but suddenly became a little nervous when I noticed that there is a certain “Bugzilla plugin” required in order to run the Hipikat app which by the way is an Eclipse plugin and freely downloadable. I jumped immediately on the update link for Eclipse and (whaddayanow) I have a perfectly functional Bugzilla interface in Eclipse.

It works like a charm and it's perfectly integrated with Eclipse. You have a search Bugzilla tab, favourite bugs view and even a new bug wizard ! I had no problem to make it work with 2.16.1, but it completely crazed the search view when tried on 2.17.1, needing an Eclipse restart. There are some small glitches here and there, but overall it's a fine piece of software that I recommend to anybody using Bugzilla on frequent basis.

And i'm pretty sure that if they dare to opensource it there are going to be lots of contributors. There is huge potential in the direct integration of a bug database with Eclipse, besides this Hipikat app which I'm going to try right now.