1. Hallowed be thy tablename !

    If you haven't had the opportunity to work on a really big project, naming is probably not on your top list of programming best practices. And you are certainly going to regret that when your project grows.

    Of course, everybody, including good old Scott, knows that CUST signifies CUSTOMER and …

  2. Exotic Eclipse plugins of the week

    Currently developing Eclipse plugins, I am constantly searching for things on the net. Have to admit that PDE documentation is very scarce as soon as you enter into the depths of Eclipse such as tight integration with the search mechanism or extending JDT. Searching this kind of things, absolutely by …

    Tagged as : Tools Java junit software web XML
  3. Maven-less Codehaus

    While I think that Codehaus is an exceptional provider of open-source software (some of the projects hosted there are really shining), I'm a little horrified by all their Maven-generated sites. It's not because I'm ignorant to Maven usefulness, but BECAUSE I've worked extensively with Maven since the beta7 days (August …


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