1. Unicode in Python micro-recipe : from MySQL to webpage via Cheetah

    Very easy:

    - start by adding the default-character-set=utf8 in your MySQL configuration file and restart the database server - apply this recipe from Activestate Python Cookbook (“guaranteed conversion to unicode or byte string”) - inside the Cheetah template, use the ReplaceNone filter:

    #filter ReplaceNone


    #end filter

    in order to prevent escaping …
  2. Review : Holub on Patterns

    In order to read Allen Holub's new book, you'll certainly need some programming skills (Java, OOP and patterns to be more specific). On the back of the book, there's specified 'Intermediate to Advanced'. It certainly depends on what you mean by 'Intermediate'… because the book is not exactly a light …

    Tagged as : Books book Java programming
  3. Hallowed be thy tablename !

    If you haven't had the opportunity to work on a really big project, naming is probably not on your top list of programming best practices. And you are certainly going to regret that when your project grows.

    Of course, everybody, including good old Scott, knows that CUST signifies CUSTOMER and …


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