1. Hallowed be thy tablename !

    If you haven't had the opportunity to work on a really big project, naming is probably not on your top list of programming best practices. And you are certainly going to regret that when your project grows.

    Of course, everybody, including good old Scott, knows that CUST signifies CUSTOMER and …

  2. Effective testing of database schema – the missing link

    There is a certain contradiction which appears in modern projects concerning the unit testing strategy. On one hand, there is a powerful assertion stating that business logic testing should be completely disconnected from the database. This makes perfect sense in a certain way : the tests should check the business logic …

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  3. Hibernate DOES scale

    I'm being part of the development team for migration of a mainframe ERP to Java technology. A preliminary version of the app shows no less than 878 tables (see image). It could be much more, knowing that quite a lot of “lists of values” – which are not supposed to change …

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