1. Book review – Tapestry In Action

    My first contact with Tapestry was more than 18 months ago. Back then, I was interested to find a web framework for integration with our custom Avalon-based (using the now-obsoleted) Phoenix server*. The web interface was ment to be backoffice stuff, for simple administration tasks as well as statistics reports ...

  2. A smoother, gentler hibernation

    Last week, while optimizing a Java app, we have stumbled upon an interesting trick.

    Well, I suppose it’s interesting since I haven’t been able to find out any trace of it in Hibernate docs or FAQ.

    So, you are using Hibernate for O/R persistence layer of your ...

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  3. Hibernate DOES scale

    I’m being part of the development team for migration of a mainframe ERP to Java technology. A preliminary version of the app shows no less than 878 tables (see image). It could be much more, knowing that quite a lot of “lists of values” – which are not supposed to ...

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