Switching jobs

Tomorrow is my last day here as a Senior … whatever. I've done a lot of Java development (Eclipse plugins, SWT/JFace, various components for our proprietary framework) and even some DB work (Sap/Oracle/PostgreSQL migration, benchmarking, testing), spiced with a little bit of API design and a healthy dose of documentation writing. It was a great year with lots of stuff to learn, but it's time to move on towards greater challenges. I'm going back to the web business (this time not under the risky startup umbrella, but with an established company) and back to a managerial position ! Working a full year 100% on a development contract has surely taught me a thing or two about how effective management must be done. I really needed such an experience, because as a young professional (back in 1998) I became very quickly (maybe too quickly) a project manager.

The funny stuff is that I'm going to manage a C# team which is bigger than the Java team. I'm familiar with .Net notions and burning some midnight oil with VisualStudio Express, but there is a serious culture shock of coming from Java/Eclipse development environment. Although C# as a language is very neat and there are some cool MSFT APIs down there, I have the strange sensation of things being terribly awkward. Hope I won't be swallowed by the Dark Side [ugly grin].

If there's any 'actual future former' coworker reading this blog : THANK YOU ! and keep up the good work.