Scripting languages not just for toys (a Ruby web framework)

According to David Heinemeier Hansson, the RAILS 1KLOC (!) web framework written in Ruby was used to develop Basecamp, a mildly complex project management webapp. What's fascinating is the Ruby code used to develop Basecamp is only 4KLOC (according to the RAILS document) and was developed in less than 2man*month (including 212 test cases and all the bells and gingles). Although I strongly suspect that there was a lot of templating going on behind the hoods and I doubt that template development time was included, the efficiency is amazing, especially if you consider that they have started almost from scratch. Makes you wonder what would be possible to perform in Ruby with a comprehensive library such as PHP's PEAR (well, duh, ignoring the fact that it should be called REAR which is a very very very nasty name) ?