Summary Twitter 31-03-2014

  • RT @hughlaurie: Brazilians are so lovely. I passed out drunk last night and woke up with an extra kidney. ->
  • Placebo software. If you absolutely have to solve a problem that you don't have. 90% effectiveness. ->
  • RT @cwiiis: Limited sympathy for the Threes folks when 1: 2048 is more fun than they admit & 2: If they used the web, they could've publish… ->
  • You are in a maze of seven red lines, all perpendicular. #expert ->
  • RT @francesc: 100% code coverage

    "@bloerwald: SUCCESS: 26/26 (100%) Tests passed" ->

  • RT @5ean5ullivan: By accepting the Terms and Conditions of this Application… your phone will mine for cryptocurrency. READ THE EULA. http:/… ->
  • RT @jasonnoble: "git push –force" as an animated gif? You're welcome. ->
  • Why Google Flu Is A Failure life sometimes does not agree with quantitative measurements on search ->