Summary Twitter 26-08-2013

  • This "Subscribe to AdSense" campaign is very persistent, but somehow Google missed the fact that I already have a few accounts. ->
  • … aaand back to Google Chrome. ->
  • RT @DanRebellato: These are wonderful. Images of historical London overlaid on the present. (via @ThatGeoffChap) ->
  • The Flavor Connection [Interactive]: interesting, not sure how accurate though ->
  • 20% time for plucking vegetables in the meeting rooms ->
  • Maybe I need to disconnect from Internet for a couple of days until the Ballmer craze stops? ->
  • Is Ballmer going to throw a special departure chair to someone in the audience? #in ->
  • RT @laura_june: whoa surprising choice of ben affleck for ceo of microsoft ->
  • Ballmer. ->
  • Vodafone Romania customer portal (MyVodafone) does not work correctly on Chrome + OS X – infinite loops galore \cc @vodafonebuzz ->
  • On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs (via @Pocket) #longreads ->