Summary Twitter 17-02-2014

  • C10M is the new C10K it's about time to raise the bar 3 orders of magnitude or more ->
  • I love the smell of a production hotpatch in the morning. ->
  • RT @piggiebrotha: dacă mâine se anunță vreo mărire de accize sau taxe, măcar să știți de ce: cineva are nevoie de un Murcielago nou http://… ->
  • RT @JamesHunt: Can someone please write a browser plug-in that replaces the phrase "we reached out to" with "I emailed"? It's for my blood … ->
  • RT @gvanrossum: My slides from the Dropbox Platform Meetup last Wednesday: (PDF: ->
  • RT @benwolding: Nagios is red.

    Jenkins is blue.

    Whoever wrote the test suite, I will find you, and I will kill you. ->

  • Flappy Cloud – a cloud where every VM dies 30 minutes after setup ->

  • Win a trip to SXSW 2014 ->
  • RT @antonioeram: Screen to phone size ratio

    Bigger is better ->

  • Outlook in Office 365+ on Windows makes Outlook on OSX look like a great product. ->
  • The Book of Graham Paul Graham. A different perspective from the other side :) ->