Summary Twitter 16-09-2013

  • The 5 stages of climate denial are on display ahead of the IPCC report Environment ->
  • Public Service Announcement about PhoneBloks: it's utopia for phone geeks. Not going to happen. You can now resume your normal activities. ->
  • It's who you know … and what you know … and how you do it … plus the degree … and the pedigree #li ->
  • AWS east. ->
  • Watch: String quartet plays Metallica during protest against Canadian-Romania gold mine project – National ->
  • RT @KatieLinendoll: The rationale behind iPhone colors revealed ->
  • MigrationC ->
  • RT @jtsd: my take on yesterday’s iPhone announcements in one picture ->
  • RT @rbtmcm: @cstross My daughter's solution to the finger-chopping problem: cut off your own fingers in advance and keep them in a secure f… ->
  • Black is the old black. ->
  • 5 >> 5C I'm glad it's discontinued, suddenly my iPhone becomes much cooler. ->
  • RT @seanlilmateus: can you imagine yourself using a gold mens yoga pants, taking slo-mo videos of yourself with your gold iPhone? great tim… ->
  • RT @zerohedge: The NSA unveils its brand new fingerprint database ->
  • RT @cstross: Great! Now iPhone thieves have an incentive to chop off the tip of your index finger!

    (Someone didn’t think this through …) ->

  • RT @JamesWallis: Apple announces solution to Syria conflict: "make it thinner with a slightly better screen". World media ecstatic. ->

  • RT @DrPizza: Selling devices on bitness was tired when console companies did it in the 90s. ->