Summary Twitter 02-09-2013

  • Spider on Prozac? ->
  • 4k video camera in a smartphone, and nowhere to play the content at full res smart move, Acer! ->
  • "Ironically, Apple featured Flowtab for a week" The story of a startup failure ->
  • Phablets, on the other side… Mmmmm, phablets… ->
  • My new "smartwatch" is no watch whatsoever. I have at least 3 devices around me who can tell me the time with [quasi]atomic precision. ->
  • RT @giordanobc: Around 95% of iOS games revenue in July was from in-app transactions. Paid games don't even qualify as a market anymore ->
  • Free mega game assets pack, over 700 game assets by the community and @Scoreoid #GameDev #CCSF13 ->
  • An ignorant dork is trying to brute-force my WordPress password. 32 characters string randomly generated with @1Password … good luck? ->
  • RT @BigDataBorat: MongoDB change name to MongoDB. Will take a few day before replica sets reflect change. ->
  • Yes I'd love to recharge my watch once per day or even more often. Said nobody. ->
  • Windows Store dev: Check out any time you like,

    But you can never leave! I had the same appalling experience #li ->

  • love it, except today the boarding pass is a QR code on my phone plus a bunch of text Boarding Pass Redesign ->
  • You Are Your Own Worst Enemy I'm not a fan of motivational essays, but this one resonates with me #li ->
  • Hey Motorola, this is lame ->
  • I don't usually smuggle vodka, but when I do … ->
  • RT @DrPizza: So my question, re: Neil Armstrong etc. is, how can this happen? ->