MS Longhorn : correlations, schmotivations ?

“More and more pressure is on Microsoft to rush Longhorn. Apparently, a number of Microsoft licensees will get some sort of massive refund if the product isn't delivered in 2006, and the word on the street is that the code keeps breaking. My guess is that at the last minute the company will kludge together a workable system missing a lot of features.”

John C. Dvorak, Now What Do We Do? Dept. 13 July 2004

“In order to make this date (of 2006), we've had to simplify some things, to stagger it. One of the things we're staggering is the Windows storage work,” Jim Allchin, Microsoft's vice president in charge of Windows development, said in an interview with CNET

CNET Microsoft revamps its plans for Longhorn August 27, 2004