Maven-less Codehaus

While I think that Codehaus is an exceptional provider of open-source software (some of the projects hosted there are really shining), I'm a little horrified by all their Maven-generated sites. It's not because I'm ignorant to Maven usefulness, but BECAUSE I've worked extensively with Maven since the beta7 days (August 2002, if i remember well ?) and gave up in April this year, replacing everything with Ant tasks and customized Python scripts. Painful memories of strange bugs (compatibility issues from a version to another, proxy problems, not being able to create a simple and primitive CVS log, or test suites for one of our projects not executing under Maven due to some obscure, unsolved class loader problems) are haunting me. But, the most frustrating issue on Codehaus is the 'Mavenized' sites – superfluous clicks and a number of pages you have to see again and again just to download the latest version of a certain project … a not so strange resemblance with the horrendous structure of the Jakarta site.

The simplest solution is just ignore the project sites on Codehaus and go directly to the root of the download repository. Only by looking at directories dates, you can guess if a new version was released. And as a small bonus, you'll find there some (still incubating ?) projects that aren't even referenced on the Codehaus main page. There is JMock, which looks like a easier-to-use EasyMock-like library (but it doesn't seem like being up to EasyMock on functionality level). And a nice Spice project, a sort of library of IoC-able components with multi-container support, some of them worth a look (JNDIKit, ThreadPool).

You know what would be really nice ? Being able to subscribe to RSS feeds containing release information a la SourceForge …