Links of the week: moving away from the Oracles

Siddharth Annand from LinkedIn explains in an interview how to move away from the Oracles to the wonderful world of open-source and NoSQL. Now I’m waiting for them to opensource Databus and Espresso. And “Oracle is not web scale” – sorry but I had to quote this.

It seems that HAProxy has restarted development with a nice frequency, no less than one release each 10 days recently. I love this software, used it and will use it again. And to quote the author “Users should really upgrade, as I don’t want to waste time trying to spot stupid bugs in configs that are notoriously broken.“. Amen, bro! Always Be Upgrading.

Not related to scalability or anything, news of the week it’s about the Flame “Middle Eastern” malware:

- it’s a nightmare scenario malware signed with a rogue Microsoft certificate … - that was obtained using a hash collision method unknown to the civil scientific community - just to make things more interesting, Flame self-destructs in order to erase its traces

These are the real pros at work. One can only wonder how many pieces of software like Flame are harbored by our innocent laptops.

In order to avoid ending on such a nasty note, here’s an autotune clip which I’m sure you’ll greatly enjoy:

Click here to view the embedded video.