Linkdump: using Hbase, CAP visuals, Farmville and more

Two great posts from my colleagues about why Adobe is using HBase: part 1 and part 2. As I’ve experienced all these firsthand, I guarantee this is solid, relevant information. Both articles are highly recommended reads.

Speaking about HBase, there’s rumor on the street that they are taking HBASE-1295 (multi data center replication) very seriously and we’ll be seeing a new feature announcement relatively soon. Waiting forward!

An older but still interesting presentation on how RIPE NCC is using Hadoop and HBase to store and search through IP addresses for Europe, Middle East and Russia can be found here:

It looks like Farmvile is still in the MySQL+memcache phase, according to the High Scalability blog. And they use PHP. When will they start looking into NoSQL? Hopefully soon enough to have a good crop.

Nathan’s visual guide to NoSQL systems while perhaps not entirely correct is a nice tentative to put all these projects on the same map. I would love to see a “patched” version of the visual guide taking into account all the information left in the comments…

Oh and Twitter is using Protocol Buffers to store information on Hadoop. And they’re going to opensource their implementation.