Linkdump: nodevincing the boss, and probabilistic data structures

Great pragmatic considerations in Felix Geisendörfer’sNode.js: convincing the boss guide:

- Not for CPU-heavy apps - There’s no Django for it (yet?) so don’t expect mindblowing productivity - Don’t do it for the nerdy buzzword bingo … - … do it for single-page js apps that feed with JSON from the server - Do it if real-time is important for your app

Oh, and the convincing part? Just build a cool prototype and find a local community from where you could hire smart developers. I can say this about any other technology, and bosses seem to be rather predictable in their reasoning…

Ilya Katsov hits again with an excellent post about probabilistic data structures for web analytics and data mining. If you’re at least a bit familiar with stuff such as Bloom filter and the Loglog counter, you’re going to love this article.

But don’t stop there, Ilya’s blog is highly recommended reading.