Google: sorry, but Lisp/Ruby/Erlang not on the menu

Yes, language propaganda again. Ain’t it fun ?

Here comes a nice quote from the latest Steve Yegge post (read it entirely if you have the time, it’s both fun and educational – at least for me). So, there:

I made the famously, horribly, career-shatteringly bad mistake of trying to use Ruby at Google, for this project. And I became, very quickly, I mean almost overnight, the Most Hated Person At Google. And, uh, and I’d have arguments with people about it, and they’d be like Nooooooo, WHAT IF… And ultimately, you know, ultimately they actually convinced me that they were right, in the sense that there actually were a few things. There were some taxes that I was imposing on the systems people, where they were gonna have to have some maintenance issues that they wouldn’t have. [...] But, you know, Google’s all about getting stuff done.


Is it allowed at Google to use Lisp and other languages?

No. No, it’s not OK. At Google you can use C++, Java, Python, JavaScript… I actually found a legal loophole and used server-side JavaScript for a project.

Mmmmm … key ?