Figure of the day : 350

Recently, an Indian poster on a Slashdot thread ('India Outsourcers Find Back Door in Canada') mentioned that:

Software Developers in India (including me) are paid 350 times the prevailing minimum wage in India.

I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison with the same data in Europe:

- in a country such as France, this makes 402.640EUR/month. - in one of the countries wich has recently join EU, such as Hungary, this means almost 67.000EUR/month (Hungary does not have the biggest wages in the recent wave of new EU members). - finally in a country such as Romania which is scheduled to join EU in 2007, 350 times the minimum wage is however close to 25.000EUR/month and rising with two figures percentage in the last couple of years, due to economic growth. Romania and Bulgaria are considered the poorest countries to join EU in the next years.

Outsourcing in India is more than just a temporary industry trend … and will touch all EU as strong as it does with US. Dear US developers, would you please let us join the club ? (we'd rather not, but you know …)