Examples of RCP-based apps

This is the summary of a nice thread spotted on eclipse.platform.rcp. The initial question was I am constantly having to deal with resistance from my developers, which mostly boils down to resistance to SWT, and hesitance from peers in the company. There are compelling arguments to counter nearly every criticism that I've encounted. However, I'm having difficulty with one question, has anyone else based a non-IDE product on Eclipse?. A few answers later, boy do we have some nice eye candy to show !


The XMF Mosaic Development Environment from Xantium provides “platform for engineering semantically rich languages and tools” (errr, whatever this means, just looks nice).


Eclipse Trader is not quite a fully-fledged app, but a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform, dedicated to the building of an online stock trading system. This is an open-sourced, very recent project, with interesting features such as charts built with data extracted from Yahoo! Finance.


EPIC from Incremental stands for a nice looking management software for the ship repair industry. You'll spot some gorgeous Eclipse Forms in the screenshots !