Code comprehension plugins for Eclipse

In the series of “not so wellknown but useful plugins for Eclipse”, I'd like to introduce to you some code comprehension tools (well, no Juliet for Eclipse yet, but still impressive):

- JQuery, another project from UBC, Computer science department (are these guys insanely cool, or what ?). Now, only if I could grok their query notation, it'd be real nice having some other queries than the examples. - The Creole project which is basically an Eclipse plugin version of the older SHriMP (Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective) and should be downloadable “real soon”. What's really neat about this app is that it's domain-independent and can be used for browsing any information space.

Here is one of SHriMP shots from their site (note the extremely ugly colors, yes it's the famous “research software” skin, worldwide used in order to scare intruders out from software research labs).

![SHriMP diagram](/static/resources/shrimp.jpg)