And now for something a little different: graphviz candy

No self-respecting geek can resist either of these incredible temptations:

- Correct something wrong on “the internets” - Produce a little bit of graphviz candy (what a fantastic tool)

Imagine my total happiness discovering that I can exercise both of them simultaneously. I can only thank Digg’s John Quinn for creating the opportunity in his otherwise very interesting presentation, by including this directed graph on one of the slides:

You would get the impression that besides Cassandra the other “NoSQL” solutions have a single major website using them. I cannot pronounce for all the products with their logos embedded in the graph nodes, but for HBase this is somewhat incorrect. Starting from the Powered By page for HBase I thought it’d be a good idea to fill in the blanks and also add a few high-traffic sites (I’ve only selected websites which are in the Alexa top 1000). Here’s the new (and supposedly, more accurate) graph:

While it looks like Cassandra got a few higher-profile clients lately (even if for relatively mundane tasks such as persistent caching) this does not mean HBase is only used by StumbleUpon. I think we’ll see more and more success stories for both of these solutions and perhaps for some un-announced future products as well. The domain is still in its infancy, let’s not imply “consolidation” just yet.